Brand Safety

Lumynox works with best in breed fraud prevention partners such as Pixilate and Moat to assure high view ability, and authentic audiences.  We are also compatible with our advertisers’ partners such as Moat and IAS upon request.

Precision Targeting

Define your perfect audience by context, behavioral profile, demographics or other data sets.


Reach consumers across our 900+ direct publisher relationships.  Leverage Lumynox’ technology and expertise to efficiently extend your campaign across open exchanges

How We Can Help

At Lumynox, our team of experts works with the leading technology to meet your Video KPI’s across all screens.  Each screen offers a way to interact with consumers at different times of day, environments and states of mind.  Let us show you how to work best across them all.

Connected TV

  • Lean-back, full screen experience that cannot be skipped
  • Combining the impact of TV with the precision of digital
  • The future of video advertising

Desktop Video

  • Reach consumers on their desktop at home or at work
  • Greater visual impact and screen size
  • eCommerce


  • We use state of the art deep neural networks to predict real-time bidding patterns in advertising.
  • We have trained algorithms that choose the best monetization channels for each user segment.
  • We have terabytes of data about user behavior to optimize digital publishing assets.

Mobile Video

  • The 3rd screen has long ago become the 1st  screen
  • Better location targeting
  • The greatest personal connection and ubiquity

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